Good Stuff from the Desert

Mood = sad and frustrated

Cups of bad coffee drank today = 5

Number of “way to angry” posts put up on today = 1

Number of cue cards made today for boss’ upcoming speach at NFL Hall of Fame = 42

Number of cue cards messed up and thrown away = 19

Days working a temp job = 123 and counting

But in the midst of bad coffee, cue cards, and angry blog posts God still shows up.  Here are three places I’ve seen Him this week…

Sunday morning we (Wendy, the kiddos, and me) gathered around her parent’s coffee table to have Family Worship Time.  (Note: I will no longer be calling this time “Family Church” because the church is not a place, time, or meeting.  We are the church…gotta fix it now or I never will.)  The kids were in good spirits so it promised to be a sucessful venture.

We started with Logan opening us up in prayer.  This consists of a whisper none of us can really hear.  The words “Zach” and “Ben” (two of his cousins) always seem to be present, although the context is cloudy; and it all wraps up with a loud, “AMEN.”

Then Wendy led us in some fun songs.  The kids sang and enjoyed it.

Next I read some passages from Matthew about Jesus healing people and then told the kids, “One thing Jesus loved to do was help people.  If we want to be like Jesus we need to find ways to help people as well.”  Then Wendy and I passed out crayons and paper and instructed the kids to draw a picture of how they can help someone this week.

Logan drew circles.  He always draws circles.

Sissy Fritz drew strange shapes and colored them bright colors.  She would pause to tell us what she was drawing, but the explanation always changed.  “It’s a horse,” she would proclaim loudly.  Then a few seconds later she would hold it put and say, “Me helping Logan” or “Singing!” or “I like this.”

Jackson’s stole my heart.  He hid his drawing as he scribbled making sure none of us could see.  This, of course, enticed Sissy to try and sneak a peak, which led to a momentary breakdown.  But it was short lived.  Finally, Jackson finished and revealed a picture of him kneeling by his bed in prayer.  There was a small word bubble over his head that said, “Please help Tommmy.”  (Tommy is Jackson’s uncle that just had knee surgery.)  Jackson held the picture up proudly and said, “I can help uncle Tommy.” 

Now I thought that was really cool.  I didn’t say anywhere during worship time that praying for someone was helping them.  He made that connection all on his own.

Second cool God moment.  Last night the Thingy met.  There were 14 people there.  The best part came when two of the visitors asked us to slow down and go over the Core Principles with them.  It was a very cool moment of sharing our passion with people who really wanted to know.

Finally…the coolest thing of all.

Today, at a point when I was really down, I heard a random You-Have-a-Voice-Mail buzz from my cell phone.  Desperate for something different than the bad coffee and cue cards I picked it up and listened.  It was my incredible wife singing, “Happy Aniversary!”  I immediately cheered up and started to cry a little.

Happy Aniversary Babe!  You keep me going in this desert.  I wouldn’t still be moving without you urging me on.  I love you.

Good Stuff from the Desert

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