Hope on the Horizon

Hope is a strange thing.  Just a glimmer of it makes us smile and laugh.  It lifts the burndens that weigh us down, that hang from our necks like chains.

Sunday was a rough day.  We were tired from a long week.  Wendy and I were frustrated about finances.  We went house hunting only to see two disasters and be stood up.  Standing on the front porch of a home that looked and felt like a possiblity, waiting for a landlord, with all three kids only to finally reach her and find out she had left and was across town was infuriating.  We drove home defeated and sad.  

To add to the stress, Jackson was supposed to start school in the morning at City Neighbors Hamilton.

At 3am he came down stairs crying.  He was overwhelmed by all that was going on.  My attempts to comfort him only made his tears worst.  He worked himself into such a freenzy he started hyper ventalating.  It took us a good thirty minutes to get him calmed down.

Sunday was a rough day.

Monday night I had a conversation that has the potential to change my families future.  (I will share more later.)

Today, we found a house that we love and, through the gracious support of family, we maybe able to afford it. 

These are small glimmers of hope, but they make the sadness of Sunday disapear completely.

Things are looking up.

Hope on the Horizon

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