Random Thoughts at the Hospital

I’m sitting in a fairly uncomfortable chair in a hospital room.  It is late.  Wendy and the baby are asleep; so I thought I would take a minute to get some random things that have been swirling around in my head out:

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital rocks!  They have these 10 huge posters hanging by th elevators of main building at the down town campus (that has to be specified since there are multiple campuses and multiple buildings at each).  The posters are blown up US News and World Report magizine covers; one from each year spanning the last decade.  Each proclaims Hopkins to be the number one hospital in the nation.  After being here for 36 hours I can testify that, yes; they rock.  Our doctors were awesome.  All our nurses…awesome.  The rooms…awesome.  The cafeteria food…awesome.  Even the T.V. selection…yes…awesome.  I mean, common, they even include two freak’in movie channels.  Awesome.  Oh yeah…free coffee down the hall 24 hours a day…awesome, awesome, awesome!

2. The people next door to us are super loud talkers.  We’ve been listening to them all day.  Right now, with our room quiet, I can hear every word they are saying.  Currently they are complaining about the Law and Order that is on.  The father has seen it.  So he could change the channel, he told the mom who the killer was.  She got seriously angry.    

3.  My wife is the coolest.  Not only did she deliver another healthy baby; she came up with a really cool name.  I mean, Jude Christopher?  The kid is destined to be cool.  Done.  He is now officially cool.

4. We have fantastic friends and family.  Thank you all for your calls and visits.  Dude, thanks for the coffee.  Sorry I wasn’t here to drink it.  Even though it was cold by the time I got back to the room, I drank it anyway.  Just the right amount of sugar.  Perfect.

5. Last week I was elected to the City Neighbors Foundation Board.  I’m totally jazzed about it.  Not only will it be a great opportunity to impact my kid’s school; it is a chance to shape education in Baltimore.  The first meeting is tomorrow.  Sadly I won’t be able to make it; but the director said she would meet with me one-on-one and fill me in on what I missed.  I see that as a bonus because she is a cool lady.  I’m pumped about getting to know her better.

Now the people next door are talking about their family.  The woman is complaining that her mother-in-law is coming by tomorrow.  She keeps moaning, “No, no, no.  I don’t want her to come.”

6.  The movie Failure to Launch was playing on the T.V. when Jude was born.  The delivery came on really fast so I didn’t have time to turn it off before the fifteen plus doctors and nurses came running into the room.  I could only turn it down.  The movie is hysterical.  But not because of the main actors – they are just okay.  Also not because of the script – also, just okay.  But the supporting cast is super funny.  I’ve seen the movie four or five times now (we own it and Wendy loves it) and I still laugh at Terry Bradshaw’s naked room.

7. Tonight the Thingy met without me and Wendy.  I missed meeting with them.  It is the high point of my week.  But it was cool that they can meet without us.  It is great to be part of a group that doesn’t depend on us.  I know they still had incredible conversation because even though we weren’t there, the Spirit was.

8. I just went to go and get Wendy another glass of ice water and I was tempted to get more coffee.  What is wrong with me?

9.  Regardless of the time of day, there is Law and Order on somewhere.

10.  I don’t deserve all that God has given me in the past few weeks.  We have moved into an amazing house in an awesome neighborhood.  We are part of an incredible school.  We are members of an Spirit filled housechurch.  We are working at an amazing traditional church and excited about the future there.  We have fanstastic friends and family.  And we just added a fourth kid to the crew.  He is healthy, beautiful, and full of joy.

I’m not sure life can get better than it is right now.   

Thanks God.

Random Thoughts at the Hospital

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts at the Hospital

  1. jeffandwendy says:

    Now the guy next door is talking on his cell phone about the delivery. He has it on speaker phone, but I can’t make out what the person on the other end is saying.

  2. jeffandwendy says:

    The phone conversation changed to being about an encounter with the police…which was a little nerve racking. Then finally around 12:30am he took off.

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