Jude Takes a Bath

You see kids, Wendy and I have always had laid back babies.  The other three weren’t perfect; but in comparison to what we have seen others go thorugh, they were fairly calm, easy going infants. 

The Jude?

Well, lets just say the Jude is giving us a run for our money.  For example.  The other three cried a little when we gave them a bath; but as I remember, it was a fun, cute, tame experience.  Not the Jude.  Oh no.  Not the Jude. 

Notice in this first picture.  The bath has not even begun.  We have simply laying him down on the towel.  Already the Jude is engaged and ready for battle.

Jude Takes a Bath 001 

The Jude does not need a warm up.  There is no cute whining.  There is no soft cry.  There is full on rage from the start.  (If you know his brothers and sister you will understand that this is actually a gift from God that will serve him well in his first years of life.)

Jude Takes a Bath 005


This is what happened when we actually began bathing the Jude.

Jude Takes a Bath 007


And this…

Jude Takes a Bath 010

And this…

Jude Takes a Bath 019


Now if I were a first time dad this might stress me out.  Unfortunately for the Jude, I found it funny.  In the words of John Cusack in High Fedelity, “If you really wanted to mess me up, you should have gotten to me earlier!”

The screaming was really cute. 

In the end, we were all friends again.

Jude Takes a Bath 020


The Jude forgives, as long as we promise that we will never torture him in such ways ever again.

Jude Takes a Bath 021

Jude Takes a Bath

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