A New, Higher Level of Low

I haven’t written a blog in so long.  I do sincerely apologize, but I have had a few things added to my plate and sitting at the computer for an extended period of time makes my brain explode.  In order to keep my brain in tact Jeff has graciously offered to do the dishes while I share the most recent hysterical story of my family.

Before I begin you must understand that the majority of my family’s humor resides in the bathroom.  Much to our parents dismay, we have never been able to get enough of jokes revolving around words such us poo, gas, squeeze cheese, “duties”, etc.  You catch my drift…no pun intended.  I have a plethora of memories stock piled in my brain of instances where I’ve been tortured by my brothers gas issues or have laughed so hard from mooning me.  You get the picture. 

You would think with age that this would have faded, but alas, it has only grown to an all time high that now our children have inherited the poo gene.  In fact, my two year old considers it a high honor to inform all of those around him that he has just “tooted”.  Even as I write, I’m laughing.  I’m sure some of you are absolutely disgusted, but I’m just so proud of that huge accomplishment.

Many times when the cousins get together, we hear them joking about who has just squeezed cheese.  It’s a proud moment for us all.  Now that they are getting older, their sense of humor has become more sophisticated or as stated in the title “a new higher level of low” has risen.

This past Sunday at church all the cousins, along with some other church friends, were participating in their weekly circus performance up in the balcony.  The first half of the service includes kids ages 3 on up, which is just torturous for any parent.  When you put all the kids together in one location a chaotic parade of events unravels.  Hysterical.  All the while, the people below are trying to worship, have meaningful prayer time, make announcements.  You can imagine. 

While trying to keep the monkeys from hanging from the light fixtures, a family was dedicating their baby.  I was trying hard to focus because I know how precious this moment is for parents.  From the corner of my ear I hear, “Jackson!  Jackson!”  My nephew Zach was calling my son from the complete other side of the pew.  I look over at him and he is proudly grinning from ear to ear while holding up a piece of paper that had FART written in cute little boy handwriting.  An eruption of laughter occured amongst the children, as well as all the adults.  You see kids, in that moment I realized, our kids have moved from just talking about potty stuff to writing it.  That’s right!  A whole new level of understanding and a new way of making people laugh.  I love it.

Well, I succeeded in keeping my brain together, but now I’m POOPED!  Ha-ha!!  I don’t mean to TOOT my own horn, but that was a pretty good blog.  Hopefully I didn’t WASTE any of your time.  Please feel free to post your own “poop puns”.

A New, Higher Level of Low

One thought on “A New, Higher Level of Low

  1. Jeanine says:

    I like the blog. Just to share with you our funny along the same line. We were doing school yesterday learning about controlled vowels for phonics. The lesson was on -ar words. Ricky went through a list of words that have the ar sound in them and realized towards the end of the list that fart is a ar controlled vowel word. Everytime we had the word far in our reader he had to put in the word fart. I am so proud he can read!!

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