Welcome to the Elkins Circus – a fun evening

Tonight was a really relaxing night at the Elkins home.  It was one of those rare nights when we had nothing going on.  Over the last few weeks those have been few and far between. 

I stopped working today around 4:30 and spent the rest of the evening hanging with the kids.  Here were some of the fun highlights…

Jude, the tyrant (Wendy doesn’t like it when I call him that), is going horse.  He has cried so much over the last few weeks that he is starting to loose his voice.  I hate to say it; but his little shallow cry is super cute.  It has totally lost its edge.

Jackson said to me, “Daddy, some kids at school teased me today.”  He was very dejected.  “What did they say?” I asked.  With his bottom lip stuck out he replied, “They called me a white boy.”  I know I should have responded differently, but I burst into laughter.  “What?  What Dad?” he said.  I composed myself and said, “Did you look at them and say, ‘Yes, I am a white boy’?”  Wendy later gave him a much better talk about racism and how it doesn’t feel good. 

Tonight for dinner we served the kids chicken pot pie and homemade pumpkin bread Wendy made a week ago for our next door neighbors.  She tried to give it to them but couldn’t catch them.  Finally we broke it open.  I told the  kids they could have a piece of the rocking awesome bread with honey butter (also homemade by my awesome wife) if they would take a few bites of the chicken pot pie (specifically: Jackson had to take four, Julianna three, and Logan one).  Logan took a bite at 5:35.  It consisted of one lima bean and a piece of the pie crust.  Once the food hit his mouth something very strange happened.  He refused to chew it.  He tried to spit it out at first but I caught him and said “You swallow it or you don’t get bread.”  He then sat in his chair, holding the bite in his mouth,  refusing to swallow for over an hour and a half.  Finally, he swallowed it and politely said, “I’m done Daddy.”

At one point Julianna was upstairs playing alone in her room.  On my way to the bathroom I peaked in at her.  She had Logan’s two foot tall Batman doll and her two foot tall Strawberry Shortcake doll facing each other.  Moving the head of the Strawberry Shortcake doll she said, “I really like you.”  Then she pushed the two dolls together like they were kissing.  Totally unprepared for that I silently closed the door and walked away.

Jackson wrote Julianna a note that said, “I lov you.  You are my BFF.”  My son knows text language?  He is only six!

A little while after the doll kissing incident Julianna came downstairs dressed in black stockings and a pink tutu.  She was even wearing a pink frilly piece around her waist.  She announced she was going to put on a show and began sticking her leg in the air in various directions.  Wendy suggested that I twirl her.  She giggled like a tween who had just been asked on a date by Edward from Twighlight.  It was really cute.

When I was putting Logan to bed I asked him to kiss me on the cheek.  He said, “No!” and he punched me in the jaw.  Then he began hysterically laughing.

Welcome to the Elkins Circus.  There is never a dull moment.

Welcome to the Elkins Circus – a fun evening

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