I am thankful for…

You see kids, life right now is great.  We came through this really rough wilderness time; but now…now everything is incredible. 

Honestly, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the snake to come out of the wood pile, for the scary clown to jump out from the shadows and ruin all the fun.  Any second now…right?  Things don’t stay this great forever?

For now I will enjoy the awesomeness that is my life.

I have four awesome kids. 

Jackson is a brilliant 1st grader.  He is sensitive and kind.  Best of all, he loves people and has his mother’s hatred of injustice.  The seeds of a really cool adult are already beginning to bloom in him.

Julianna is creative and fun.  She has a zeal for life that I envy.  Her world is full of surprises and joy.  Yet at the same time she is determined and driven.  She is not flighty or lost in fantasy.  She is present and loving every moment of life. 

Logan is rough and tumble but loving and gentle.  His laugh is full and complete.  He loves to interact with others, but also loves the silence of solitude.  He will cuddle with you one moment and then playfully punch you the next.  He is a bear.

Jude is no longer screaming at us 24/7.  He enjoyed a bath yesterday.  Last night he calmed himself down and put himself to sleep without being held.  He has turned a corner.  I’m excited to watch his personality form.

I am thankful for my kids.

I am a part of an incredible Thingy.

Every week they push me to rethink who I am.  They inspire me with their struggles to live incarnationally.  Through my relationships with them my walk with Christ has been redefined and is continuously being transformed.  Each week I look forward to Monday night, excited to hear their amazing stories as they bring reality of the Kingdom of God into the darkness of Baltimore.

I am thankful for the Thingy.

I am part of a really cool movement at Valley Baptist.

The Spirit is working at Valley in wild ways.  When I took the job I thought I was signing up for years of battles and debates; but every leader I meet with, every member I speak with joyfully surprises me.  Their missional thoughts amaze me.  Their passion and willingness to sacrifice encourages me.  The Holy Spirit is at work in their midst and very cool things are coming in the future.  They are a building wave that will someday soon begin to sweep through the city leaving amazing unexpected change in its wake.

I am thankful for Valley.

I am part of an incredible school board at an amazing school.

There is nothing Wendy and I could have done to deserve City Neighbors Hamilton.  I could not have asked for a better environment for my kids to learn in.  The school is beautiful and I love the documentation that goes on.  Kids art work is everywhere.  Walking down the halls it is clear that learning and life is happening there.  I love that the teachers are researchers desperately striving to learn the language my child speaks, to find his interests and capitalize on them for his education.  And I love the people we have encountered.  The parent board is the most talented and capable group of people I have every worked with.  I feel like every time I speak with the executive director and the academic director I find some pearl of wisdom about education that completely rocks my perspective on kids.

I am thankful for our kids school.

And we have this amazing house.

It is quirky and fun.  It has a man cave in which I can hold poker nights.  It is warm and inviting.  The kitchen is huge, and the backyard is big enough for my kids to run, play, and explore.  To top it off, the neighborhood is amazing and the new friends we have made are fantastic. 

I am thankful for our new house.  

Finally, I have an incredible wife. 

Her love empowers me, shapes me, builds me up, and inspires me to be more.  I love her smile.  Her laugh makes my heart jump.  I love her singing.  Her voice rings in my ears after she has gone.  I love to share my day with her.  Without her I am a worthless mess.  I love her faith.  I envy her passion for justice and her joy.  I am privileged to be on this adventure with her we call life.  She is my best friend.  Everyday is a beautiful surprise.

I am thankful for Wendy.

I’m not sure things can get better than they are right now.  I am thankful.

I am thankful for…

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