2009 Top Five Posts – Another Church Family Adventure

Okay kids, every Monday we are posting our (mine and Wendy’s that is…we are the only people that get to vote) top five favorite posts of 2009 (in no certain order).  Here is the second one.

Another Church Family Adventure

You see kids, if a smart man has kept his kids, who usually go to bed at 7:30pm, out until 10pm playing with their friends on Saturday night, he would let them sleep in on Sunday and not toture them by forcing them to do church…but I am not a smart man.

This past Sunday Wendy was singing at Valley Baptist and I had the kids alone.  As I watched them eat breakfast, bleary eyed and irritated, I thought to myself, “Man, the kids are in horrible moods.  They look so tired.  What should we do today?  Oh…I know…I’ll take them to a park and force them to listen to a Bible story because I’m a massochist who loves to anger exhausted youngsters.”

Here is the event in pictures:

Sunday Family Church 001

Here we are on the way to the park to do family church.  Always well prepared, like a naive boy scout, I gave them a snack to keep them awake as we drove.  Notice the glazed angry look in Jackson’s eyes.  

Sunday Family Church 002

The park was full of people so, becasue I’m not smart, I made the kids walk through a big field to a small exercise area where we could be alone.  You can see the enthusiasm as they bound with joy through the field.  They were rushing to keep up with me.

Once we were alone I started off how we do each week trying to get the kids to sing some songs with me.  I thought Father Abraham would be a great one since I was planning on talking about Genesis 12.  I sang the song and danced around for two verses on my own.    Frustrated I asked them why they weren’t joining in.

Sunday Family Church 003

Here is Jackson giving me a “common Dad” look and Julianna explaining to me why she is not going to sing.

With the songs being a complete failure, I decided to jump right into the Bible story.  I planned to make this great correlation between Abraham going and a journey and us moving.  It was going to rock!  So I called Logan over to come and join us.  He gave me this look…

 Sunday Family Church 004

And then simply said, “No.”

The Bible story was cut short when Jackson saw a slug.

Sunday Family Church 005

Finally, Jackson prayed and it was off to the park for some play time.  Notice the great fashion sense.  Even when she is completely exhausted she still picks out clothes that radiate her uniqueness:

Sunday Family Church 014

Sunday Family Church 006

“Logan,” I said sweetly, “do you want to swing?”


“Are you sure you don’t want to swing?”

Sunday Family Church 009


“Come here.  I know you want to swing.  You love to swing.  Let’s give it a try.”

Sunday Family Church 012


Finally it was time to go.  As we drove home I looked back at the kids and thought to myself, “Maybe family church doesn’t have to happen first thing in the morning when the kids are completely exhausted.  Maybe I don’t have to be so legalistic about it.”

Sunday Family Church 016

I’m learning.

2009 Top Five Posts – Another Church Family Adventure

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