2009 Top Five – Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Co-Blogging

This is it kids…our final favorite of 2009.  Today we give you the the first blog we wrote together.  At the end of it we said we might come back and add more, but we never got around to it.  So now, on the final Monday of 2009, we are going to tack on some more at the end. 


Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Co-Blogging

Ok kids, this is the moment you have all been waiting for….Jeff and Wendy are writing their first Blog together. 




We have been spending the past few days pondering all the ridiculous things our children have to said to us; comments that come from nowhere; statements that have been our own words and put into weird child like context.  We want to share with you a glimpse into the wild and crazy life.  And to think, we will be adding more to our brood by October.  So without further delay…

1.  (After the toilet flushes in rapid succession five to seven times)  Dad from down stairs: “Logan, stop flushing the toilet.”  Logan: “No,  oo top.”  (As the toilet continues to flush and Dad climbs the stairs) Dad: “Stop flushing the toilet and close the door.”  Logan: “No!  ooo top!  OOOO top!”  (Toilet still flushing, Dad getting closer to the bathroom) Dad: “Logan!  Cut it out.”  Logan, “NO! Ooooo TOP!  Ooooo TOP!”

2.  Jackson: Hey mom, do you want to hear a song we learned in school today?  Mom:  Sure.  Jackson: “This is a song they used to sing when there were slaves.  (Singing begins) 5, 6, 15, 20 (singing stops)…hey mom, what’s the name of that guy who wears red and is really mean?  Mom:  The devil? Jackson: Yeah, thats him. (Wow, I’m so glad he’s getting such diverse education in school.)

3. Mom, sitting around the table with the rest of the family: “Julianna come to dinner.”  Julianna: “My name is Strawberry Shortcake.”  Mom: “Strawberry Shortcake come to dinner.”  Julianna appears wearing a bright pink Strawberry Shortcake hat.  Later at dinner, Dad: “Strawberry, is that a berry good dinner roll?”  Strawberry, as if I was the dumbest person alive, “Daaad!”

4.  Mom: “Jackson, how are you feeling today?”  Jackson: “A little low grade.”

5.  In the boys room, Dad: “Jackson, where is Logan?”  Jackson: “In the closet.”  Dad opened the closet door to find Logan standing in a space only big enough for him in complete darkness.  Logan: “No! Top! Go WAY! GO WAY!”  Logan slams the door closed in Dad’s face.

6.  Mom and Dad in the kitchen preparing for dinner.  We hear the front door slam.  Dad:  “Julianna did you open the front door?”  Julianna: “No, I closed it.”

7. Julianna on the phone with Pop-pop (Wendy’s Dad): “Yeah, I’m sick (fake cough, fake cough).  My Dad is sick too.  He just lays on the couch all day.”

We may add a few more later.  We hope you enjoyed these few.

A Few More for Your Enjoyment

Mom: “Logan, did you poo-poo in your diaper?”  Logan: “No, I just squeezed cheese.”

Becky: (to Logan standing on his tip toes looking out the window for Santa)  “Is he here yet Logan?”  Logan: “No.  Not just yet.”

Jackson: Daddy, some boys at school hurt my feelings.  Dad: Why bud?  What happened?  Jackson: They called me a name.  Dad:  What did they call you?  Jackson: White boy!  Dad: (Inappropriately laughing) But you are a white boy.  Jackson:  Daaaad!

One morning before school Wendy french braided Julianna’s hair.  As Julianna entered her class her teacher said, “Oh Julianna, I love your hair.”  Julianna replied over her shoulder, “It’s french.”

As Wendy and Jeff sat at the kitchen table they overheard the following conversation.  Jackson: “What are you doing with that doll?”  Julianna: “I’m getting ready to feed my baby.”  Jackson: “Ahhh.  Come on!  Put your shirt down.”

2009 Top Five – Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Co-Blogging

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