Helping Toward What Exactly? – An Answer?

So last week (on the 4th I think) I posed a question I have been struggling with (read it here)…

When we love others long term, in what direction should our love lead?

I’m talking specifically about mentoring type relationships I often find myself in.  It usually starts with helping someone out financially.  I buy them food, or help them pay off a bill, or pay for something at court for them.  Then as I follow up the needs escalate.  They have more crisis.  I try to love them through it.  Until finally I get tired and they start taking advantage. 

It doesn’t always head that way; but that is the norm.

So I’ve been mulling this around and I think I have an answer finally.

If I were mentoring someone to start their own Thingy I would be living our Core Principles with them.  We would be meeting weekly and walking them through together, focusing on one at a time, trying to improve our efforts at loving God and loving people. 

I think my goal, as I love people  through disastrous times, needs to be to get them to a place where they also can focus on loving God and loving others.  As I help, this always needs to be on the front of my service, “Where do you need to be so you can focus in our loving God and loving other?” 


Helping Toward What Exactly? – An Answer?

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