Christian Celebrity

So I’m at the Verge Conference in Austin this weekend missing the 30 inches of snow that will begin falling on Baltimore in a few hours.

I was sitting downstairs this morning at the complimentary computer checking my email when suddenly Hugh Halter, Allen Hersch, and Neil Cole had a little mini-good-morning-conference directly behind me.

I totally wanted to spin around in my chair and yell, “OH MY GOSH!  I LOVED YOUR BOOKS!!!  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!”  But I restrained myself and just sat quietly. 

I’m not sure how to respond to Christian celebrity.  It is weird.

Christian Celebrity

5 thoughts on “Christian Celebrity

  1. Tom says:

    a pastor should lead God’s church with responsibilities such as providing spiritual and administrative leadership to the church; and pastoral care to meet the needs of the congregation and the community.

    1. jeffandwendy says:

      You know Tom, I’m feeling fiesty today because I’m locked in the house during a blizzard…

      That job description you just spouted doesn’t exist in scripture. With the addtion of some form of teaching responsiblity it is the contemporary understanding of the term “pastor”; but it is more a by-product of tradition and culture than scripture.

      If your cool with basing your understanding of church on tradition and culture (many people are) than more power to your understanding of a pastor.

      But not me baby. No way. Not me.

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