Taking Ourselves Much Less Seriously – Stories from the Kids

You see kids, there has been far too much theologizin- intense-goo on this blog lately. 

Today we shall take ourselves much less seriously.

 In a few weeks Julianna (a.k.a The Sissy Fritz, Queen of Fritziland, Princess of All Things Fritzi) will be turning five.  Wendy asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she replied, “Umm… A piano, a real i-pod – a REAL one mom, a tree for inside the house, and a statue of George Washington.”

No, I have no idea why she wants a statue of George Washington.

Last night my mom came over to pick me up for a meeting at Valley.  Logan (who is currently three) barreled into the room (he doesn’t walk…he barrels) singing to himself .  Wanting to show off his pure cuteness, I asked him to sing something for Grammy.  With confidence in his eyes he moved to the center of the room, turned to face us, and sang loudly, “I got da Boom-boom-pow.  You jack-a-my-stye.  (mumble, mumble, mumble) Swagget!  I’m next sniff now…”  He boldly mummbled for another few seconds and then, for a dramatic climax, he pointed to me and declared, “I’m 2008!  You 2000 late!”  Then he turned his back to us and strutted out of the room with pride. 

A few days ago Wendy took the kids to a friends house to see the friend’s new kittens.  As they were looking at the kittens roll around on the floor Julianna asked, “How do the kittens eat?”

Wendy replied, “Just like Mommy feeds Jude.”

Jackson then asked, “How does she feed ALL of the kittens?”

Wendy said, “Well, she has more breasts than mommy, probably 6.”

Stunned Julianna screamed in amazement, “SIX BOOBS?!”

Jackson corrected her. “Julianna, you should say ‘breasts’, it’s more polite.”

Last night Jude, the ball of cuteness above, decided that 2:30am was a great time to be awake.  I tried everything to get him to go back to sleep.  I fed him a bottle.  I changed his diaper.  I used the little blue bulb thingy to suck buggers out of his nose.  I walked around the house with him.  I rocked him.  If you can think something, I tried it.  At 4am I collapsed on the couch in utter exhaustion.  Near tears I looked into the eyes of the baby lying on my chest and I pleaded, “Please go to sleep.  Daddy is so tired and it is late kid.  Please just go to sleep!  Please!!!”

Jude smiled and energetic I’m-never-going-to-sleep-but-you-are-really-funny smile (like in the picture above) and giggled.

Taking Ourselves Much Less Seriously – Stories from the Kids

6 thoughts on “Taking Ourselves Much Less Seriously – Stories from the Kids

  1. Becky says:

    Dude, Sissy is totally a girl after my own heart. A statue of George!?!? Who wouldn’t want a statue of George? Not only do I have a rather large poster of him hanging in my apartment, but my sisters and I purposefully look for monuments of him so we can get our picture taken with him.

    1. jeffandwendy says:

      Yes Aunt B. We immediately made the connection. Wendy told Jackson about the statue and he got all excited. He said, “I’m on it mom.” Then later in the day he came down and told Wendy, “Mom, cardboard isn’t going to cut it. I’m going to need some real stuff – like modeling clay.” Wendy replied, “Just give me a list of supplies.”

      Our little artist going to town.

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