Three Proud Jackson Moments

My kids are freak’en awesome.  Here are a few quick stories from our six-year-old Jackson that made us proud this week…

#1 – Student Council

Jackson’s in first grade.  His school (which we love) was electing its first ever student council last week.  On the day it was announced Jackson came home bouncing off the walls.  He told us everyone in the class wrote a speech.  “In my speech,” he beamed with pride “I said we should have recess before lunch, not after.”  Curious, Wendy and I asked why; to which he responded, “Because we are wild after recess.  Lunch would calm us down.” 

Did I mention he is six?

Later in the week he came home and told us his class had voted for two other kids to be the class representatives.  My heart was shattered.  I extended my arms toward him prepared for the water works to flow.  I even let loose a sympathy oozing, “I’m sooo soooorrrrry bud.”  But he seemed fine.  Amazed and stunned Wendy asked, “Are you okay?” 

“Oh.  Yeah.  I’m okay.  The other kids were really happy so I’m happy for them.”  And with that he bounded up the stairs to the play.

#2 – The Church Conversation

On Saturday night we were sitting around the table eating dinner when Jackson asked, “Do we have church tomorrow?”  While innocent this question sends chills up my spin.  I don’t want my kids thinking of church as a building, time, or location.  I want them to understand that the church is a group of people on mission together with God; but this understanding is new to me in the last four years or so and I’m still shaky with it myself….how in the world do I get my kids to understand. 

Thankfully, as I sat stuck in pointless brooding, Wendy stepped up.  “Well you know bud,” she said gently, “church isn’t really a place.  Anytime a group of people get together to pray, or sing to God, or read the Bible they are…um…having church.” 

I could tell by looking at Wendy that she was frustrated by her answer.  I felt her pain.  Changing our own lingo is so hard.  Taking the new language and translating it into Kid-talk…so frustrating. 

Jackson pondered for a moment and then said with a smile, “So when we get together on Monday night with the small group we are having church?”

“Absolutely” I affirmed, finally out of my head and in the game. 

“And if I get together to play with a bunch of my cousins, because they love God, we are having church?”  he said with a big smile.  It was clear that now he was just showing off.

Wendy replied a little amazed, “You got it buddy.” 

Purely to impress us with his grasp on the concept, he started to take a bite of food and proudly added, “Church is about the people you are with, not where you are.”


#3 – Showing God

Jackson came home from school a few days ago and started performing the usual routine.  He took his shoes off and put them in the shoe bin, hung up his coat and back pack on his hook, and then headed toward the schedule on the wall to see what the next event of the day was.   Mid-step something hit him.  He turned back to his hook and began digging through his backpack.  He emerged and triumphantly raised high in the air a large red Spider-Man ring.  Noticing that I was smiling at him, he explained, “I got this at Jamal’s birthday party today. I’m going to give it to Logan.” 

“Well that is really nice of you bud.  He is up in his room.”  I said while smiling from ear-to-ear.

He grinned back and sprinted up the stairs.   I wanted to follow, but the broken prevented me, so all I could do is listen.


Wendy: Jackson, that was great bud.  Thank you for doing that.  Go give yourself a praise buck.  (Praise bucks are my wife’s rocking awesome reward system that encourages positive behavior.) 

Jackson:  I showed him God.

Wendy:  What did you say bud?

Jackson:  When we love people we show them God.  I just showed Logan God.

Wendy:  (Amazed!)  Wow!  That’s right bud.  Um…that’s great.

Yeah.  That’s my boy.

Three Proud Jackson Moments

2 thoughts on “Three Proud Jackson Moments

  1. I read this blog entry to my own kids as a bit of a “bedtime story/devotion”. They were excited & impressed! Thought your Jackson might also like to know that I sent the link to my beautiful sister-in-law, to read to my nephew, who is about to turn 6, and whose name happens to be… Jackson!!

    1. jeffandwendy says:

      Thanks Kerry for your super kind words! We didn’t tell Jackson this morning because he had an attitude problem and was in trouble most of the morning…but I read your comment to Wendy and she was really blessed by it. We will tell Jackson when he comes home from school. Thanks!

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