3 things I love and 3 three things that make me go GRRRR!

Blogging is a little weird right now.  I’m involved in a ton of stuff and it consumes most of my thoughts.  I’m pondering things all day and night, but I can’t really write about any of it.  Partially because it is all really fresh and not sorted out in my head yet; but also because it involves a bunch of other people, so it is not really my place to share it.  So last night when I sat down to write I chunked out three stories and had to erase all of them because none of them were sharable yet.  It’s really frustrating.

Therefore instead of pontificating on some deep theological subject, I shall share three things I love about my life right now and three things that hack me off (or, make me go GRRRR!).

Love #1 – My wife is awesome.  For those that don’t know, my leg is broken and I am on crutches; which means our house has gone from four needy kids to five.  For example today I worked from home.   I can’t carry anything (because of the crutches) so every time Wendy came through the room I asked her for something.  “Could you hand me a pen?”  “Could you pour me a cup of coffee?”  “Could you toss me that book?”  “Could you…Could you…Could you…”  Every once in a while I would throw in a “Since your up, could you…”  Seriously, I drove myself crazy.  I know she loves me because she never even looked frustrated.  My wife is amazing.

Grrr #1 – NBC is stupid.  I recently found out the Heroes may not be coming back.  What?!?  Huh!  How are they not getting a thousand calls a day from totally cool and awesome guys like myself who, even though we are in our 30’s, still read comic books.   It’s a freak’in travesty I tell you.  A TRAVESTY! 

Then I watched Chuck tonight (I’m behind).  How could they even think of writing off Casey?  They got a team of monkeys working around the clock over there.  GRRRR!

Love #2 – Currently I have several awesome leadership guru’s.  I have a fantastic friend that always gives me amazing advice and insight.  I have another great friend who is a fantastic editor and communicator.  And I finally have an older, seasoned mentor that will invest time in me.  I’ve been praying for a mentor for a few years now.  Someone that has a massive amount of experience that is willing to invest in me.  A few guys have come along that I hoped would fill the role, but they never had time for me; which I get.  They were super busy.  Finally I think God has dropped someone in my lap.  The problem is, he keeps pulling me aside and mentally punching me in the gut…and he sneak attacks me.  He doesn’t let me know it’s coming.  He just walks over, pulls me aside, and smacks me in the face with some monstrous leadership correction.  Then he smiles and goes about his business.  Moral of the story – be careful what you pray for.

Grr! #2 – For some reason for the last week I have been unable to go to sleep before 1am.  I’m not even tired.  “How am I spending all this wonderful alone time?” you ask.  Watching T.V.  I know…what a waste.  I have three new books sitting in a box next to the T.V. still in the shrink wrap.  Instead of digging into them, I’m watching Law and Order reruns on USA.  Dumb.

Love #3 – Ever feel like your life is on the verge of something cool?  Wendy are involved in three organizations: The Thingy, Valley, and City Neighbors (Jackson’s school).  I feel like all thing groups are right on the cusp of a period of awesome break throughs.  It is exciting and terrifying. 

Like when you are sitting in the front car of a roller coaster and you are at the top of this huge hill.   You can’t see what is next.  All you can see is where the track disappears.  It is a scary, but fantastic place to be.

Grrr #3 – I hate crutches.  You see, I was awkward and clumsy before I broke my leg.  Now I walk with these two monstrous sticks.  I’m not sure how I am still alive.  Every time I go down stairs I’m taking my life into my own hands.  I thought I would try to be positive and write a blog about all the great things you can do with crutches; but Wendy told me it was way to dark and sad.  I was throwing stuff out like, “Thing Number Five – Walking across ice covered parking lots with crutches is an exciting adventure because I never know when I am going to slip, land on my broken leg shooting agonizing pain through my entire body.”  Yeah…It was a Debbi Downer.

One last good one so I don’t end on a Grrr!   Life is incredibly full and rewarding right now.  I have an incredible family, fantastic friends, an incredible missional team, a loving traditional congregation, and lots of hope for the future.

3 things I love and 3 three things that make me go GRRRR!

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