My Kids Uncensored

And now for something completely different…

Purely to entertain myself, I shall now interview my three children and give you there responses…unedited.

Me: What is your favorite thing to do in the world?

Logan (who is 3):  I goin eat.

Julianna (5 years old):  I love the favorite world.

Jackson (almost 7): Worship God.

Me:  What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Julianna: Chicken and brocoli and pie.

Jackson: Cake and pie. 

Me:  What kind of pie?

Jackson: Apple.

Julianna: Apple pie.  Orange Pie.  And even pumpkin Pie.  And even Rose cake.

Logan: Rose Cake?

Julianna: With little frosty roses.

Logan:  Rose Cake?  I don’t believe it.

Julianna: Believe it.

Me:  What is your favorite story?

Julianna: My favorite story is daddy.

Jackson:  My favorite story is…hmmm…umm…

Logan:  My favorite story is I like peanut butter.

Jackson:  I get it now.  It’s little red riding hood.

Wendy:  If you were a made up character in book, what would you be?

Julianna (with no hesitation): I want to be a princess.

Jackson: In a comic book I want to be a Star War.

Logan:  I wanna be a monster.

Me:  What kind of princess do you want to be?

Julianna:  An Anna-Bannana of Fritziland one.

Me:  Logan, what kind of monster do you want to be?

Logan: A green monster car.

(Genius’ pick green)

Me: Jackson, what kind of star war would you be?

Jackson: Yoda.  Because he is the chief of the good guys.

Me:  What is cool about Yoda?

Jackson: He does lots of moves.

Me:  Last question…

Wendy: If you could show Jesus’ love to someone what would you do?

Julianna: To take care of people by helping people who gets in the street and gets stuck and who push stuff up and they really…when people go into the restaurant they don’t knock them down into the street…and when a guy gets hurt their back into the street we help them with the police men.

Wendy: Logan, what would you do.

Logan: Push them down.

Wendy: Would Jesus push them down or give them a hug?

Logan:  Push them down…and then take them to the doctor.

Me:  Jackson?

Jackson:  I will tell them about God. 

Me:  Anything else?

Jackson:  Ummm…no.

My Kids Uncensored

3 thoughts on “My Kids Uncensored

  1. dawn says:

    Somehow as parents we seem to fool ourselves into thinking our little angels will always give the best answers to Jesus questions after all our years of Jesus training!! Push them down was the best!! You Elkins are so funny!! 🙂

  2. Katie Hartry says:

    The honestly of children is so wonderful. I love your kids, they are so sweet. I can Logan with those big doe eyes saying push them down then take them to the doctor.

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