Some Random Happenings that Made Me Smile…

Jude decided that I should be up at 5am this morning.  Since I’m now awake with no hope for going back to sleep for at least another hour (that’s about how long Jude can hold out), I thought I would share some random things that made me smile this week. 

Nothing serious.  Just goofyness.

#1 – The Game

Jackson played his first real baseball game last night.  He look really cute in his full uniform, like a mini major leaguer…except when running the bases.    When he ran the bases he was afraid his batting helmet was going to come off so he ran slower than usual and held it on by wrapping his fingers through the ears wholes.  His elbows stuck out like little wings.  It was funny.

#2 – A New 51st State

Dee, get excited.  Evidently someone thought you were cool enough to give you your own state.  Julianna (5 years old) has been walking around singing the Nifty Fifty States song which lists all 50 states in alphabetical order.  Without fail she wails, “…Idaho, Aunt-Deeanna, Iowa…” 

#3 – The Stink

I got my cast off and am gingerly walking on my leg without assistance for the first time in twelve weeks.  The last two weeks I’ve been in this monstrous walking boot that had five different strands of velcro and an air pump.  I said to Wendy in passing yesterday, “I’m so glad to have that boot off for good.  I hated taking it off to stretch my foot.  The stench was horrible.”

“Oh Babe,” she replied, “the stench wasn’t just horrible when you took it off.  You stunk all the time.” 

#4 – Logan and Awesomeness

Two days ago…

Logan (3 years old):  “Mommy, come here I need to tell you something.”

Wendy (leaning in close for a secret): “What is it?”

Logan (whispering): “I think you’re awesome!” 

Last night…

Logan: “Daddy come here I need to tell you something.”

Me (leaning in with a huge grin expectant for and excited about my “You’re Awesome” secret):  “What’s up Logi Bear?”

Logan then punched me as hard as he could in the jaw and began hysterically laughing.

I should get some kind of medal for being able to type a blog and hold a squirmy 5 month old in my lap at the same time.

Some Random Happenings that Made Me Smile…

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