A Fast Note on the Thingy

Again, loving others in the community by imitating the love of Jesus is getting in the way of our gathering.  The Thingy (the missional community Wendy and I are a part of) is supposed to meet tonight and do our four-month personal evaluation.  We have these principles based on stories about Jesus in the Gospels that we try to live out; and tonight is the night when we sit down and discuss how we are doing.

But one of the clan will be missing because she is “helping someone in need.” 

Who does she think she is?  How could she possibly go and love someone like Jesus without checking into our very important gathering first!?!?  What in the world.  The nerve.

Any who…we shall be moving forward without her.  Tonight we will read through the 6 Core Principles we settled on a year ago and ask how we are doing with each one.  Finally, we will each settle on one we need to focus more in-depth on for the next four months. 

Just wanted to drop a quick note to give you a glimpse into our world.

A Fast Note on the Thingy

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