Short Shots from the Kids

So it has been almost a week since we posted anything.  For those of you now going through withdrawals, I apologize. 

I have two issues this week that have kept me from writing. 

#1 – The stuff I’m working on is at least three months away from being sharable.  Right now everything seems to be in the build-up stage.  I would love to write about the principal hiring committee at Jackson’s school and what I’m learning from that, but I can’t yet because we are still interviewing candidates.  I would love to talk about what is going on at Valley because there are some seriously cool things happening behind the scenes there, but it isn’t ready to go public yet.  I would love to share about the future of the Thingy and how excited I am about our second year together, but right now it is all kind of fog…a bright colored, fun to look at, make-you-feel-fantastic fog…but still a fog.  So the major areas of life are currently off-limits.

#2 – When I sit down to write about my other favorite topics (church theory, spirituality, leadership, missional mess, etc…) my posts come out supercritical.  I start off writing something uplifting, then in the middle it starts to turn sour. It ends with a statement like, “and that’s why they are all losers!!!”  Instead of being “angry-guy”, I’ve decided just to keep my mouth shut. 

So, in the place of all-of-the-above I now present for your entertainment random short shots of fun from my kids.

Buddy – This is Jackson’s first year playing baseball.  Because the age cut off date was May 1st and his 7 year birthday is the 28th, we had a choice.  We could have put him with the 4 through 6 year olds or the 7 through 9 year olds.   We choose to throw him in with the older kids, thinking it would be more fun for him.  While he has had a great time, he has clearly been two years behind many of the other kids on the team in skill level and understanding of the game.  To help him keep up I’ve been playing catch with him in the back yard…trying to anyway. 

Here is how our typical game of catch goes.  I lob the ball softly.  As it floats toward him, Jackson elegantly moves like a panicked matador dodging a charging bull.  Sometimes the ball accidently lands in his glove.   When it doesn’t I gently say, “You don’t need to be afraid of the ball Buddy.  Stay in front of it.”  To which he replies, “Okay.”  Then the pattern repeats. 

Last week, frustrated with the pattern, I turned to Logan (our three-year old) and said, “Jackson, watch this.”  I then lobbed the ball to Logan the same way I was to Jackson.  The ball bounced off Logan’s belly and he started to laugh.  “See,” I said, “it doesn’t hurt.”  Jackson dodged two more and then yelled across the yard, “Logan, you want to play catch with Dad?”  “Sure!” Logan said enthusiastically taking Jackson’s glove. 

Two days later Wendy and I were sitting in the kitchen chatting.  Jackson came in and said, “Mom, you want to come and play catch with me?” 

“Hold on a second,” I said.  “You don’t want to play with Daddy?”

“No,” he said.  “No thanks.  I want to play with Mommy.”

“Why?” I asked laughing.

“I don’t know.”  Jackson said innocently.  “It’s a mystery.” 

The Sissy Fritz – Yesterday, as we were driving home from the playground, I turned “Let’s Get It Started” onto my i-pod.  Immediately following the opening solo Julianna (my five-year old) exclaimed, “Daddy!  It’s about to get crazy in here!”

The Bear – Wendy took Logan (my three-year old) to a new grocery store a few days ago.  This store has miniature carts just the right size for Logan.  Wendy showed him the cart and he replied, “Oh, thank you.”  He led the way down the aisles as if he were shopping on his own.  When he reached the greeting card aisle he proclaimed, “Oh good.”  Logan pulled his cart up in front of the Birthday cards, choose a random card off the shelf, opened it and mumbled to himself as if he could read it, said, “Perfect”, and then placed it in his cart.

The Tyrant (Wendy hates it when I call him that but the only other nick-name I’ve got so far is Judizer…they’re the bad guys in the book of Acts…Wendy hates that one too) – Jude (my six-month old) has finally begun scooting across the floor.  I haven’t actually seen this.  He is super sneaky.  I will put him on the floor and watch him play happily.  But if I will turn my back for a second he starts moving.  When I look back, he will be two feet from the place I laid him down laying on his belly smiling at me as if nothing happened.  It’s as if he is waiting for me to look away then standing up and running three steps forward while I’m not watching.

Short Shots from the Kids

5 thoughts on “Short Shots from the Kids

    1. jeffandwendy says:

      Great song. Thanks for the link…but knowing the words I’m sure if I should take it as a compliment or not. Instead of the word “angry” I prefer the word “driven” or “obbessed.”

      1. Because driven and obsessed are so much healthier!

        Honestly, I don’t see you as angry… but reading your #2 I heard the piano blazing in my head. I understand the way it goes though, the same thing happens to me.

        We should start some big attractional mega church together.

        1. jeffandwendy says:

          Now that would be something to see. I’m in…but only if I get to do interpretive dancing once a month.

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