More Scenes from a Tent

One of the first posts Wendy wrote was called Scenes from a Tent (to read it click here).  Today we had some deja vu so I thought I would share our experience.

With my recent furlough Wendy has had to take a job.  She is working Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and some Sundays at the Gymboree in Towson Town Center Mall.  This means there is a lot more Daddy-Kid time going on.  Since neither I or the kids do will with unstructured play time, we try to keep them moving.  Typically we go to play grounds, run errands, go to the pool, etc…  But today it is raining so we are stuck in the house.  As Wendy and I discussed the day and what I was going to do with the kids this morning Jackson suggested, “Let’s build a tent!”  And so we did! 

This is the front door and side portal. 

Yes…the tent has a side portal.

Here are some shots from the inside.

We had lunch in the tent.

I even crawled in and got in on the action.

It was a fantastic day!

More Scenes from a Tent

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