Missional on the Individual Level

So I’ve never made a web cam video before…and it shows.

Wendy and I have been working with this crew at Valley (the congregation I’m serving) that I’m really pumped about.  The team has been discussing what it means to live missionally.  For the next year the team is going to focus on and experiment with intentional missional life.  Did I mention I’m really excited?   I think the Lord is going to do crazy cool stuff through the group.  We have been emailing and talking for three months now.  I created the following video for the team in an attempt to summarize our conversations as we move from theory to practice.

It is funny.  Defining the missional life is no easy task.  Analyzing missional life at the macro whole church level is easy.  Conversations around Attractional vs. Missional, Come and See vs. Go and Be, Incarnational Living vs. Consumerism come easy to me.  Breaking down whole church systems is a fun challenge; but describing what the Missional life looks like for an individual (as opposed to a congregation) is more difficult.  I spent a lot of time this summer pondering our experience with the Thingy, kicking it around with others, journaling, and praying.  The following video describes where I’m with it right now.

Alright.  Enough jib-jab.  Let me know your thoughts.  Here is the video:

Missional on the Individual Level

2 thoughts on “Missional on the Individual Level

  1. Angela says:

    I think it’s awesome and explains it in words that have failed me when others have asked. Also, on a side note, Jackson has a lot of your mannerisms. I kept seeing him in your video.

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