Reflections on John 5:1-31 and Matthew 14:22-36 (Join Jesus 1 and 2)

This morning the words of Paul come to mind, “The things I don’t want to do, I keep doing.  The things I do want to do, I don’t.”   You see, I really want to be able to say like Jesus said, “…I do not seek my own will, but the will of Him who sent me.”  I really want to jump out of the boat.  I want every moment of my life to be a “walking on the water” moment.

And I believe that is possible.  Not in that every moment can be this monstrous amazing never-forget-about-it moment of water walking; rather that we can live in the question, “Can I do that too Jesus?”

I believe the Holy Spirit is always at work in everyone we encounter.  He is calling all people to Himself.  He is constantly providing opportunities for us to combat injustice and love one another.  The problem of inaction is not on His end.  He does not tire.  He does not rest.  He does not stop.  He is on mission.

The problem is with me.  I’m distracted.  My lack of faith in His ability to work things out stresses me out, and my bad attitude clogs my ears and stifles my listening.  My agendas and plans cloud my vision and keep me from seeing Christ on the water in front of me.  My pride denies Jesus’ call to daily surrender and I assert my own will over His work.

Sometimes my sin is not omission, but rather commission.  I hear the voice of the Spirit calling, I see the opportunity in front of me, the door to love swings open wide, but I do not walk through.  I’m scared.  I’m consumed by the storm around me.  I’m to lazy, to apathetic, to satisfied wearing the false tattered robes of my own lordship.  These moments are my worst – when I see the Spirit moving and do not join in.

Life is more fun and fulfilling on the water.  Yesterday for example I went to my kids’ school with the right attitude.  I drifted from one amazing conversation to the next, listening to my friends share their stories, seeing the Holy Spirit move people toward justice, toward compassion for others, toward love, all the while asking, “Can I come out and join in your work Lord.”  Then those marvelous moments come when the opportunity to offer a word of encouragement or an act of kind service arise and, when I’m in tune with the Spirit, I get to venture out of the boat into the water of God’s mission.

Lord, help me to see where you are working and give me the courage to join you.  Thank you for the privileged.  Let me be defined by Your love so that I might be a good representative of you.

Reflections on John 5:1-31 and Matthew 14:22-36 (Join Jesus 1 and 2)

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