60 in 60 – a blogging adventure

Two things converged on me to create this idea.

Recently I had to move my office.  Even though the trip was only down the hall and around the corner it was still emotional.  Which was weird because the move is actually a good thing.  A Korean church is going to begin sharing our building and their head pastor needs office space near the reception area, so I gave up my room.  I’m excited about the church coming in and gave up my office with total joy in knowing it was the right thing to do.  But still it was rough.  I think because as I moved my office I remembered all the other times I’ve had to move – some of those weren’t so great.   I did okay until I started moving the quotes.  All the emotions of those moments came rushing up on me.  In my office I have a wall of quotes and pictures.  The quotes came from things I’ve read or heard while working in churches.  Each one has shaped how I see the world.  As I pealed them off the wall and thought back on all the times I’ve had to move them before a deep urge to spend time reflecting on each one was birthed in me.

At the same time, I’ve been looking for a challenge.  Last year I did a blogging challenge with the Domino Project called “Trust 30.”  For 30 days every morning there was a blogging prompt that went out based on Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance.”   I loved the challenge of writing every morning.   Recently I’ve been longing for that opportunity again but I haven’t been able to find a blogging challenge that really excited me.

Last week these two things came together in my head.  I want to reflect on the quotes on my wall and I want a blogging challenge.  So for the next 60 days I’m going to write about one quote a day.  I’ll do my best to keep it short.  Hope you enjoy this journey through my twisted logic.

60 in 60 – a blogging adventure

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