About Our Blog

small-group-thanksgiving-party-and-others-001This blog is where we record our journey.  It contains our crazy thoughts.  Our brain storms.  Our struggles.  Our life adventure.  We (Jeff and Wendy) both write it (more Jeff than Wendy).

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We have four amazing kids.  We live in Baltimore.  Jeff works at a traditional church struggling to figure out how they can look more like Jesus as the world changes around them.  Jeff works at Valley Baptist.  It is a sixty year old church struggling to figure out how they can look more like Jesus in a quickly evolving world.  We are also part of an amazing and innovative charter school named City Neighbors.

“You see kids…” is a quote from Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.  Right before Chevy Chase plugs in the insane amount of lights on his house, he looks at his kids and begins what he intends to be a meaningful explanation of what Christmas is all about by saying, “You see kids…”  Wendy’s family picked up on this little phrase a while back.  Now when one of them is about to pull some explanation for something out of their butt they first says, “You see kids…”  That’s kinda how we feel when we write.

We aren’t famous or special.  We aren’t especially wise.  No one is paying us to speak.  But we have lots of ideas.  And even though we feel like they often come from nowhere, we love sharing them anyway.

So that is what this blog is; random explanations we come up with on subjects we often know very little about.   Therefore, we make no guarantees that we have anything of value to say.  We only promise that we won’t take ourselves to seriously.

If you want to get in touch with us, shoot us an email at jffelkins@gmail.com.