The Archive

2013-07-05 12.13.08We started writing this blog in the Spring of 2009.  Since then we have written over 600 posts.  Some of them we want to remember.  When we write one we want to remember or refer back to, we link to it here.  Often these posts will serve as rough drafts for future, more polished work.  We’ve made this page public because we’ve found on occasion readers come upon a post that intrigues them and want to read more like it.  Enjoy!

Narratives: These are short stories.  Some are fiction.  Some are based on our adventures.

Posts about Church Stuff:  These are thoughts on church life, on how we see it, on what we hope it will become.

Book/Movie Reviews:

Posts about Our Life: These are moments from our lives that give you a snap shot into our family. 

Other Random Things: These posts defy classification, but reveal a little about our world view. 

Posts about the Thingy: In 2009 we launched an experimental church.  It lasted for four years.  We learned a lot through the process.  Once we felt like we were done learning, we closed it.  Below are the posts I wrote along the journey about the group.


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